• Use Your Space

    AetherStore is a software-only storage solution that pools unused hard drive space on workstation machines, enabling you to create robust, secure, shared network drives without purchasing new hardware.

    Simple installation, powerful configuration, enterprise ready.

Control Your Storage

Flexible Use Cases

Mount drives on user machines so employees can save and share to an AetherStore, just like a typical network drive. Or run AetherStore as a service across the network, pooling and using spare workstation space without disturbing the user.

Customizable Configuration

Create and run as many AetherStores with as many different configurations as you need. Increase the replication factor of your AetherStores when you need more redundancy, decrease it when you need more space. There are over 40 configurable options.

Machine-Level Control

Select any set of your available workstations to create an AetherStore, then customize the amount of space you would like each node to contribute. Any machine can read and write to the AetherStore, even non-contributing machines.


AetherStore uses military-grade AES-256 encryption to protect your data both at rest and in transit.

Active Directory

AetherStore integrates with LDAP and Active Directory to uphold your existing security requirements.

Ease of Use

AetherStore installs like any other program. Create a multi-terabyte AetherStore in seconds.

Resource Efficiency

AetherStore provides deduplication and eliminates the cost of purchasing, installing, and running new hardware.

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