Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  • What happens when machines running AetherStore fail or are turned off?
    AetherStore provides built-in redundancy at a replication level of your choosing so data is available even if one or more machines are turned off or fail. As with any solution, a higher redundancy level yields greater data availability. AetherStore recognizes machine failure and will recopy file chunks to available machines to actively maintain your replication factor. When machines rejoin the network, data is redistributed accordingly.

  • Are users on other machines able to access data in the AetherStore drive?
    No, the drive is only accessible from the machine on which it is mounted. AetherStore runs as a service and is invisible and inaccessible to end users. You (the administrator) determine the mount location for your password-protected AetherStore drive. AetherStore data is also encrypted and chunked, eliminating data risks caused by loss or theft of individual machines.

  • How do I lock and unlock my AetherStore drive?
    You will set the password for your AetherStore drive on deployment. Remember, the password to unlock your drive is yours and we do not store it, so make sure not to lose it! You will be prompted for the password to access the drive at the start of each session. If you do not wish to unlock your drive you can dismiss this. You can lock and unlock your AetherStore drive at any time from the system tray.

  • What happens if the machine the drive is mounted on fails?
    If the machine your drive is mounted on fails, simply open AetherStore Bridge and select a new machine on which to mount the drive. It’s that simple!

  • Can I change the location of the mounted drive?
    Yes, simply open the "Manage Stores" page and select a new computer on which to mount the drive.

  • Can I un-mount the drive completely?
    Yes. The un-mounted AetherStore drive will be invisible but data will remain perfectly intact (encrypted, chunked, redundant). Simply re-mount the drive to regain access to the drive.

  • Can I access my data remotely?
    AetherStore is a local storage solution, so your data is not stored online and can’t be accessed natively outside the local network. You can of course use any type of remote access you want, as you would with any other locally stored data.

  • How do I transfer AetherStore software to new or different machines?
    You may run AetherStore on any number of machines. AetherStore usage restrictions are based on the amount of storage added to a Store, not quantity of machines.

  • Can I export my data out of AetherStore?
    AetherStore is just like a typical network drive. If you need to export data out of a Store, simply copy and paste or drag the folders or files you need to a new location.

  • How does AetherStore calculate my Store size?
    Store size represents your total usable space after replication, which is 4x by default. This means there is enough room in your Store to store each chunk of data on at least four machines. 4x replication is optimal for data availability. If you wish to adjust replication you can do so in Custom Create.

  • How do I become an official AetherStore partner?
    Schedule a call with the AetherStore Partner Team here to get started, or contact us by email at

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